Cottonwoods and Cottontails

We took the less traveled route to Joshua Tree National Park and were only people on the road. It felt like our own private Western.

Cottonwood Spring Oasis at dusk

Cottonwood Oasis is a magical place with the cottonwoods shimmering in the late afternoon sun. The bees were drunk on desert lavender and jackrabbits were hopping along in front of us. Looking up from the oasis at the bottom of the canyon you are awestruck at how someone found this amazing spot in the midst of the desert.

To stand alone surrounded by the desert and mountains at sunset – truly awesome.

Cottonwood Spring entrance

Joshua Tree National Park is 45 minutes from Palm Springs. Near the entrance of the park is the Bajada Nature Trail a 1/4 mile wheelchair accessible hike. Trail markers highlight the rich vegetation of the bajada and its animal life with benches to take in the incredible views. Enjoy!

Cottonwood Oasis


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