Hummingbird watch

Lots of afternoons pairs of hummingbirds zip around the yard. The romantic in me believes they are playing, the realist wonders if they are jousting over territory. We have hummingbirds all year, and certain ones patrol different parts of the garden. There is a male Anna’s hummingbird that hangs out in the aloe bed in the courtyard and perches on the ocotillo. There are Costa’s hummingbirds in the back that loop-d-loop around sunset and nest in the vitex.

Costa’s Hummingbird

The other day one of the hummingbirds was zipping around the courtyard, chasing another bird. At first glance, it looked like another hummer but upon looking up again, the hummer was chasing goldfinches away. It was amazing, chirping at them and pushing them away by flying straight at them.

Before we created the courtyard, there were very few plants in the yard, but we always had hummingbirds – they feasted on the lantana and probably nested in the lush yard next door. As the courtyard has matured, hummers now nest here along with house finches, wrens and mourning doves. There are mockingbirds, verdin and black phoebe drink and hunt from the pool.

This is the first year that we have noticed lots of goldfinches, they feed from the palm and palo verdes in the courtyard. And used a bushy bougainvillea as a nursery for their young this spring. The sound of the song birds in late afternoon – beautiful.

Hopefully, they’ll all live here in harmony – but the hummers were here first – and they have patiently waited for all the food we planted for them.


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