Lemon ginger scones

Ginger lemon scones

What could go wrong – nothing of course – using buttermilk instead of cream makes them lighter and fluffier, be generous with the lemon zest if you want them tangy.

Our lemon trees were so prolific this year and I scrambled to use them all – I gave them away, made lemon chicken, lemon cakes, lemon dressing, lemonade – the more things we ate with lemons the more lemons ripened on the trees. At the height of my lemon desperation two things happened – the Venice Garden Tour and friends came for the weekend.

Photo: Eric Staudenmaier Venice Garden Tour

I hadn’t been to the Venice Garden Tour in a few years and its was better than ever. What a great day with friends, getting inspired, feeling proud of our own gardens and meeting great people. One of the homeowners made lemonade for the tour and shared the recipe with another lemon challenged friend of mine – the key to her fabulous drink – frozen lemon cubes. That’s how she uses up her lemons, grates the zest, juices them and freezes all of it – brilliant!

The second trick for using your extra lemons came from our weekend guests – he grew up in Miami with lots of citrus trees – his answer to my lemon dilemma – don’t worry about it, let them go back to nature. Its like leaves falling from the tree, he said.

Photo: Eric Staudenmaier Venice Garden Tour

Simple and profound.

The next garden tour is May 5, 2012, you’ll love it and its for a great cause – the Las Doradas Children’s Center.

Here’s the recipe.


Photo: Eric Staudenmaier Venice Garden Tour


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