Taking a ride

Momma dove in nest

For the past few years we have had a family of mourning doves nest under an eave above our kitchen.  They leave sometime in the fall and we always wonder if they will come back – but like clockwork after New Year’s they arrive and have one brood after the next.

When the juvenile doves leave the nest they stay in the courtyard for awhile – drink from the fountain, scour the ground for food and roost on a rock in the aloe bed. They hang out until they get old enough to move on. Lots of mornings they perch on the driveway gate, they’re so cute you don’t want to disturb them by opening it and they don’t move until the gate starts to move.

Today, for the first time, opening the gate to arrive home the dove didn’t fly away – it hung on for the ride. Very cool.

A cool way to keep track of the bird nests in your area is NestWatch.


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