After the Rain

There hasn’t been much rain here this summer so when we had a storm yesterday it was very welcome. It was a crazy, it caught us off guard by starting so early, the thunder and lighting were just like an East Coast storm – but the rain was like a Palm Springs one, not very long. We live so close to the mountains that when the clouds look a certain way you know we will have rain, it always rains in the shadow of the clouds as they roll over the mountains and pass overhead. If you walk a couple few feet away into the sun, its probably not raining. Yesterday the whole sky was grey and as the clouds passed over it rained and it stopped after they passed over, a few hours later we would hear thunder and lightening again and soon the rain would start – it was like that all day, it didn’t seem like much rain but it ended up being .5 an inch. It was a cool tucked-in, stay dry computer day. The birds – they relished it, zipping all over and chasing one another.

Today – a glorious day after in Palm Springs – sunny & cool. And the plants – they are perky and shiny. Everyone and everything is happy.

Storm over Mt. San Jacinto, Palm Springs from Rt. 111

I wish I had a photo of yesterday, but here is a photo of a snow storm rolling over the mountains.

Enjoy the day!


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