PSTinLA Sunday

Sunday was a great day in LA. We were able to go to 2 of the free shows and had an amazing time. The LACMA show “California Design, 1930-1965: ‘Living in a Modern Way‘ ” was really extensive and as someone who is dedicated to the art of crafts and design, it was inspiring. I’ll have some posts upcoming on the show and the Beatrice Wood ceramics exhibit at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

If you have an hour go to the Beatrice Wood show, I have always been a fan of her work and it was incredible to see so much of her work in one place. Even as special as seeing her ceramics was, the drawings and letters really struck me. With Beatrice Wood, as with so many artists, you are familiar with them in their old age and sometimes their later work and life in Ojai. She was so much a part of the art movements of her time and to see that put into perspective with her later life was so interesting.

Take an afternoon for the LACMA show – there is so much to absorb and you’ll want to take your time. Make a lunch date and then spend the afternoon at the show.

Here is the PSTinLA website for more information. There are shows for every taste and style – find something for you and go enjoy it!!

Stop back for more posts on the shows and LA.


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