Eye Candy for Art Lovers

One of the highlights of  LACMA’s new California Design show is Charles and Ray Eames’ living room. The room has been lovingly reassembled at LACMA for the Pacific Standard Time show, California Design 1930-1965, Living in the Modern Way. The living room is a time capsule of the Eames’ life from the day they moved into the house to the day Ray died in 1988.

Charles and Ray Eames’ living room, reassembled for the California Design Show at LACMA

So many times you see important architecture  either empty or sparely refurnished in the “style” of the inhabitants. It was refreshing to see the Eames’ living room “lived in” and full of the memories of the decades they shared at their family home. The room is so personal that it was hard to not to feel like you were sneaking into their house to take a peek.

While the show is ongoing the Eames Foundation is preserving the under structure of the home. The Eames house is still open during the preservation by appointment.

Below is a photo in the LACMA exhibit of the Eames’ entertaining at home. Don’t you just want to plop down onto the couch and join the conversation?

Charles and Ray Eames entertaining at their home.

Here is a great article on installing the Eames’ living room at LACMA with a time-lapse video. 


Visiting the Charles and Ray Eames’ living room at the LACMA California Design show


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