We’re Back, and Ready to Share Some Great Stories

We’ve been busy on a few projects for the last few months that have been very time intense and haven’t left much time to think about new posts, let alone write them. Now that the projects are near completion, its time to devote time to sharing our stories, tips and travels with you again. Thank you for your patience.

Arriving back in Palm Springs after being out of town for a few months is always a treat – wandering around the garden there is always something new in bloom and this week the Palo Verde in the courtyard is in full bloom. The weeping branches create a tunnel of yellow bloom along the path to the front door and as the blooms fall they create a yellow carpet along the path.

This morning the mockingbirds and finches let out a continuous warning call. This is what I found when I went out to see what was the danger.

The mockingbirds were squawking at the roadrunner and the roadrunner was squawking at them and then just disappeared. Just gorgeous.


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