Meerkats and foxes and sheep — Oh, my!!

The new meerkat habitat opened at The Living Desert in Palm Desert this weekend. I can’t wait to see it. The Living Desert is one of my favorite places in the desert and appeals to everyone from small children to adults, animal lovers to bird watchers and hikers to gardeners.

Bighorn Sheep at dusk, The Living Desert, Palm Desert CA

Established in 1970 to preserve desert animals and plants in the midst of great growth, The Living Desert has become a center for conservation, research and education. Integral to The Living Desert is the Bighorn Sheep and its conservation program. Watching these majestic animals climb the rocky mountain slopes with ease reminds me of how hard it is to scramble up a rocky hill. The sheep seem to perch on thin air and it’s easy to miss them as they blend so closely into their environment, so just stand quietly, scan the hills and you will be in for such a treat.

Snuggling fennec foxes at The Living Desert, Palm Desert CA

Near the meerkat exhibit are African animals such as the desert cat, fennec fox (both too cute for words), zebras and gazelles.

Whether you have a few hours to bird watch, a whole day for hiking in the backcountry or time to do activities with your children. Make time to visit our local treasure and visit it often.


And make sure to check out the Palo Verde Garden Center at The Living Desert. It’s a great source for desert and native plants and don’t hesitate to ask questions. You won’t be able to resist leaving without something.

Backlit chollas at sunset in The Living Desert gardens, Palm Desert CA


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