No one would believe it.

It’s before 8 o’clock on a warm Palm Springs evening and I’m cooling off in the pool.

A couple of hours ago we started putting up the cross pieces for the trellis over the windows, as I was admiring how it would look when finished, a bird of prey swept down and landed on the trellis across from me in the pool. My mouth was agape. It took flight and swept over my head, I gasped, it flew into the desert willow and then the hedge after something – one of our finches or doves? I’m not sure, I heard it chasing something across the ground between the tree and the hedge.

I ran to get the camera but, of course, it was gone.

And, I wish I could have shared the moment with someone.

I’m not sure what it was – a beautiful, brown hawk, maybe?

All the birds in the neighborhood have become quiet – so strange, this is always such a musical time of day for the song birds.


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