Third Time is the Palm Springs Charm – Hawk Overhead, Roadrunners and Desert Oases

This Saturday another hawk flew overhead while I was in the pool in Palm Springs but this time I was prepared – I wasn’t alone. What a sight, the hawk spent some time watching over our and the neighbor’s yard. I saw a lizard that was sunning itself on a wall scurry away and then the hawk moved on. It was awesome to share the experience, but of course I didn’t get a picture.

Dragonfly at Thousand Palms Oasis, Coachella Valley Preserve.

Over the weekend we have seen two roadrunners – one caught a lizard then hopped the wall to the neighbors. The next came over the same wall and was chased away by two mockingbirds. Mockingbirds are tough. And maybe this is what the hawk was interested in, as it appeared just before the hawk arrived.

It’s a crazy wildlife time in the desert – birds are learning to fly, lizards are sunning themselves and there are so many hummingbirds feeding and zipping around overhead. Magical.

McCallum Grove and Pond at Coachella Valley Preserve.

Since, there are no hawk photos to share, here are a couple from our hike at the Coachella Preserve this weekend. It is one of my favorite places in the Palm Springs area and is bouncing back beautifully from the fires.

We took the McCallum trail which winds through the Thousand Palms Oasis (fed by water seeping from the San Andreas Fault) and loops around McCallum Grove and pond and then back to the Visitor’s Center for a 2 mile walk. If you want to hike a little higher and longer add the Moon Canyon Trail for about a 4 ml roundtrip hike.

Coachella Valley Preserve is great place to hike for a couple of hours or bring a picnic and hike all day. Enjoy!

Thousand Palm Oasis at the Coachella Valley Preserve.


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